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AdInsight for Website Optimisation.

The author

Chris Rowett

Director of Performance

adinsightAdInsight is a great new tool that allows easy use of multiple phone numbers on your website.  It was designed with the intention of attributing incoming phone calls to the correct marketing source.  So a company with SEO, PPC and Banner advertising would have a different telephone number for each to work out which campaign is driving which phone calls.

The tool has an in-depth interface which will show not just the source, but call times, unanswered calls, time of the phone call etc.  This kind of information can easily shape your marketing campaigns.  There is also a recording of each call available – something most companies pay thousands of pounds for! The implications for Website Optimisation are huge.  It is now easier to run almost any test – as the tool will help you track the change in telephone call rates.  During any Website Optimisation test, you should be tracking how your calls differ for each variation.  If you made changes to emphasise your online form – the online sales may increase, but did your overall sales fall? AdInsight will show you if your call volumes have suffered on the new variation. You can assess how changing your product descriptions changes your average call times.  If you give customers more information about a product before they call, is the call more likely to become a sale? There are many other applications in Website Optimisation, such as placing a different telephone number below your call to action than the main number in the top right.  You can then see which number your visitors are responding to the most.  You could even have a different telephone number on each page of your site to establish the exact point a visitor thinks “I’ll give them a ring”... The pricing of this tool is not too bad, and if your agency offers it as a resource, then it should only be a small cost per call.  I would recommend that any business who generates value over the phone, should install this tool and discover the value it can add to your online campaigns.