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AdInsight Call Tracking Report Card: Room For Improvement.

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Epiphany Search

Following on from Chris’ post a few weeks back, I’d like to provide a report card on the AdInsight call tracking product. Starting with the good... It’s easy to install and the set-up dashboard is pretty user friendly – although for the non-techies it could with more guidance areas.

As a product it certainly delivers, being able to track a phone call back to its original traffic source is something that (in the past) may only have been available to big businesses. AdInsight breaks down these barriers for little over £60 a month. It’s simple to track your top level traffic sources i.e. SEO, PPC, Direct, and with a little configuration of your campaigns, you can track down to AdGroup / Single Affiliate level. The system’s ability to allow the tagging of calls as leads or sales after the call has ended is also a nice feature –some sales guys are forgetting this process but handily you can log into the web interface and correct your mistakes. My final pro point is on the support. The guys are always quickly reachable on the end of the phone for quick queries and technical questions. Now for the not so good.... Tracking calls to keywords is not possible. You can set-up phone numbers specific to certain keywords in either exact or broad match but when running an SEO campaign this simply isn’t viable. Even small sites that get 1,000s of unique keywords month so trying to track each one is impossible. There is also an inability to track a call to a specific customer. A customer will typically pick up the phone when a greater deal of trust is required or the product is a complicated one – this usually means the deal is not done over the phone. A lot of companies, especially ones offering services have a lot of back and forth before a deal is signed (SEO being the perfect example), in this case it would be useful to be able to ‘tag’ a user with a unique identifier (similar to the ‘press 1 for a lead’ tagging the system currently has) – this would then allow businesses to fully track revenue back to a source. My final con (and it’s only a minor one) is around number use. The more tech savvy businesses will be able to undo this, but once you undertake AdInsight all your website generated calls have to go through them – by default there is no way to only show an AdInsight number to i.e PPC and SEO traffic only. You must have a catch all ‘other’ number. I can see why AdInsight do this, businesses will want know where ALL their leads are coming from and how many leads / sales this ‘other’ sector is generating, and for AdInsight of course, it means more revenue. I would just like the option of not having to put all my calls through a tracking system. Despite a few problem areas, some of which are already being addressed (see below), I would strongly recommend AdInsight as a means of determining what makes the phone ring. It’s extremely cost effective, can provide great insight into your marketing efforts and shed light on what (until now) was a very dark area. Side note: AdInsight are launching a new version of the system (expected July) that will apparently track to keyword level and also tracks a user’s movement through the site; meaning you can begin to analyse which pages made users pick up the phone – exciting stuff!!