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Chris Rowett

Director of Performance

Google Website OptimizerGoogle have released a new feature for their Website Optimiser product.  You can now track the conversion rate as it changes per day, or per hour.  This will be represented visually too in a graph showing each variation over time. This is a very useful new development, which you will appreciate if you’ve ever been running a test for a while when one of your pages breaks and ruins the test.  You will now be able to take the data for the period of time the test ran correctly, and recover the test.

Along with this feature, Website Optimiser will now automatically disable any variation of a test which is significantly underperforming.  The user can define the level of significance required to disable a variation, allowing some serious pruning on tests with multiple variations.  This will also stop performance being dragged down by any terrible variations you “accidently” create. Emails will now be sent to the user to indicate when a Website Optimiser test has reached a result, so it won’t be necessary to constantly check up on progress.