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Google held a whopping search volume of 90.58%, with Yahoo in 2nd place at 2.91%, closely followed by Bing with 2.36%.


Source: UK hitwise.

With over 90% UK market share it appears that even the launch of Bing can't stop the Google juggernaut. With 5 of the top 20 and 50% of the top 6 UK visited websites being Google or Google owned, figures like this really provide an insight on Google's dominance of not only the search market but of all online traffic. Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so. Although Google appear to be taking over the world with moving into browsers, phones, operating systems (we all know a monopoly is never a good thing), it sometimes gets easy to forget how much Google have given back to the online community and for the most part, not asked for a penny. Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Calendar to name just a few, are fantastic FREE products that really pushed the boundaries on quality online services. The prospect of Google Wave is another product that is really looking to change the way we communicate and this continual stream of innovative products is something I applaud Google for churning out time and time again. At risk of sounding too much like a Google Fan Boy I'm a bit disappointed at their apparent disregard of the UK search market. The second biggest search market in the world has been almost neglected after the recent algorithm update. There has been some discussion on Twitter and elsewhere, about Google's UK SERPS being 'broken', with some anomalous results appearing, and non-UK sites ranking higher than they perhaps ought to for some search terms. Even today I am still finding bizarre results containing foreign or completely irrelevant Government sites littering the first page. Let's hope Google get round to correcting this sooner rather than later.