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UK Online Advertising Spend Trumps television.

The author

Malcolm Slade

Head of Technical SEO

For the first time ever, UK ad spend put through online advertising channels is higher than that of television, making online the UK’s biggest ad medium. Go digital!! The latest bi-annual report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that UK online ad spend has risen 4.9% in the first half of 2009 up to £1.75 billon and equates to 23.5% of total UK ad spend. Television advertising now consumes 21.9% of UK ad spend, press display consumes 18.5% and direct mail 11.5%.

This was of course, an inevitable event although few would have predicted that it would occur during a time of recession. The return on investment and measurability of online channels has driven budgets from traditional mediums to their online counterparts with budgets moving from conventional classified ads to online classifieds and a rise on budgets allocated to PPC advertising channels (£1.06 billion) such as Google AdWords. This report puts the UK as a world leader in terms of market share for online advertising with growth expected to continue through 2010 and 11. Television on the other hand, has seen a sharp decline in spend but with the new product placement rules and a possible end to the recession it is difficult to predict what 2010 has in store.