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Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

twitterLast night Twitter updated their 'Following' and 'Followers' pages with two different views and improved usability with a nice little drop down feature to speed up replying to / following / blocking friends and peers. For those currently using Twitter, you'll remember the page as a pretty basic list of people following you or a list of people you follow. The expanded view on the 'Followers' page shows your list of follows with their location and latest post (tweet). The dropdown menu (as shown in the image) then gives you the option of 'mentioning', direct messaging, following or blocking the user. The list view still provides the same dropdown options yet simply shows the username and name only.

twitter-follow-update1 The update is a welcome one for me, improving the user interface and making it easier to interact with other users. For epiphany, a quicker way to view followers may be useful to ensure followers that fit into our interests have not been missed. This could come into the form of a dropdown menu where you choose how many followers you want to view on the page. What do you think of the new update? Do you love it, loath it? And how what improvements would you like to see to these pages or Twitter overall? Follow us on Twitter Download our Free Business Guide to Twitter