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As a regular user of Google you’ve probably notice the new Google Doodle present on the version of Google today. Clicking the Doodle leads you to the search results for ‘crop circles’. Google Crop Circles What makes this Doodle different from the usual Google Doodle is the fact it is (seemingly) not linked into any specific event, anniversary or person like practically every other Doodle is; for example on the 4th of July an American flag was present as the Google logo. The mystery deepens even further with Google tweeting a set of co-ordinates in the early hours of this morning (GMT).Google Tweet So what exactly is this is all about? Has Google been taken over by aliens? Are we about to be invaded by men from mars? Why the crop circles? Why today? Mulder and Scully unfortunately aren’t available, so I guess our investigative team will have to do as we try and solve this perplexing mystery.

The Science Fiction connection

Popping those co-ordinates into Google maps leads us to Horsell near Woking in Surrey (England). The science fiction geeks out there (i.e. me) will recognise Horsell Common as the location of the first invading Martian landing party in H.G Wells seminal science fiction novel War of the Worlds. So this is something to do with H.G Wells then? Well that would seem pretty clear, but there's no direct date tie in for September 15th. 21st September looks more promising as Wells 143rd birthday (if he were still alive), but that is six days away. So this is just all an elaborate lead up to this anniversary? Google has never done anything like this before, but given Google's penchant for aliens and all things geeky they may be making a special exception for the man considered, along with Jules Verne, 'The Father of Science Fiction'. Bagshot Heath alien sighting

The alien spacecraft sighting

18 miles away from Horsell lies Bagshot Heath, where on September 15th 1985 a Surrey family claim to have seen an alien spacecraft. So this ties in nicely with todays date, so whilst the main thrust of this would appear to be Well's this could well explain why todays date has been chosen.

Are Google about to launch a new product?

Google Doodle September 5th Some have spectulated that this Google Doodle in conjunction with the one released on September 5th is all part of a lead up to a new Google product launch, due for release on Wells' birthday.  I'm not convinced about the new product launch, but its no coincidence that theres been two alien related images released so close together. The more I delve into the murky waters of Google's alien obsession the more I think its just all about Wells' and a celebration of his work (though I'd love to be proven wrong).

This X-File remains open, for now.

Keeping watching the skies, keeping watching the Google logo, and enjoy the 'viral' marketing ;), I reckon there's still (one) more mysterious Google Doodle to come....