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Google Launches Site Performance Tool.

The author

Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

clockv1A fair amount of attention has gone into Google Webmaster Tools recently with a re-skin and several new features. We can now welcome a new and important feature to that list. If you were to go to your Webmaster Tools today, you’ll find a new option under the ‘Labs’ tab called ‘Site Performance’. In a nutshell, this new tool provides you with a visual representation of the time it takes for your website to load. In addition to this, the tool also provides you with tips on how to improve the overall load time of specific pages on your website. This includes areas such as combining CSS files, combining JavaScript files, using gzip compression as well as minimising the amount of DNS look-ups required on any one page.

So why has Google released a Site Performance tool?

The answer is easy – to increase revenue. The tool will help webmasters to improve the usability of a website and make the experience much more pain free. In turn, this means the public will be using the internet more and therefore increases the likelihood of users clicking on Google ads. In other words, the more time we spend online, the better it works out for Google.

Where to next in the Search Rankings?

Google have already mentioned the possibility of making load time a pivotal influence within the rankings and this will certainly be an area worth testing over the coming months. Photo Credit: apesara