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Google Analytics Account Set-Up Best Practice.

The author

Epiphany Search

We have recently taken on a client whose previous web development company set-up an analytics account and, upon gaining access, we quickly became aware that it was under the dreaded all sites account. Put simply, this means we cannot gain admin access which has a knock on effect on several key areas:

  1. The ability to link AdWords and Analytics accounts which, until Google's update regarding cost data reporting meant all CPC traffic was recorded as direct.
  2. The inability to create new profiles  which are essential for testing and segmentation
  3. The inability to apply filters essential for filtering out your own IP. Applying filters also has some very powerful data manipulation uses.

Each Google account is allowed 25 new Analytics account creations; therefore it shouldn't be an issue for web development agencies and search agencies alike to be creating new analytics accounts for all sites. When taking over a site that has the all sites account, I recommend you create a brand new GA account and run the two accounts in tandem. This will allow you to compare trends on the old analytics account whilst reporting more accurately from data in the new account. When setting up analytics for a site:

  • Ensure the site is given an individual analytics account
  • Create at least one testing profile
  • Ensure goal / e-commerce tracking is correctly set-up
  • Filter out your own and the clients IP address
  • Link the accounts through Google AdWords
  • Grant access to the required users

Hopefully the next time you take over an account the agency will have followed these best practice rules.