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Instant results for Keepmoat's ambitious growth plan.

Keepmoat · Case Study



Keepmoat is a national market leader in sustainable community regeneration, housing, and planned and responsive repairs to the UK housing industry.

In a rapidly growing sector, it needed a digital strategy that could support its ambitious growth plan. Our display analysts were tasked with driving visitors interested in buying a new home to the website as part of a wider biddable media campaign.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive highly targeted visitors to the 'New Homes' section of the website
  • Increase searches and enquiries for new home homes

Epiphany delivered great results from the word go. Their innovative approach to our campaign meant that display is an increasingly valuable channel for us. We are looking forward to seeing Epiphany target new platforms and expand the account further.

Katie Wall - Head of Marketing and Communications Keepmoat


We adopted multiple targeting strategies, including a mix of geo-targeting, prospecting, semantic keyword searches, identifying niche audience behaviours and targeting specific sites based on Keepmoat's audience behaviours. This ensured that ads were appearing in the right places and in front of the most relevant people. We also ran separate mobile and desktop strategies to appeal to users responding on different devices.

The results were instant. Within one month, we drove a 36% increase in property searches, a 28% rise in enquires and a 25% improvement on click-through rates - all while halving the cost per acquisition.

Having driven volumes of pre-qualified traffic to the site, we continued to optimise the account structure and targeting based on new data. Facebook strategies were introduced to drive incremental reach, building on the existing campaign insight.

This is now a key acquisition channel and has proved to be one of the best-performing strategies to date, with CPA hitting a lowest-ever figure. Our analysts continue to refine and test new segments to reach a wider audience and create new customers.

Halved the cost per acquisition

36% increase in property searches

Increased enquiries by 28%