About the role

As one of the north’s biggest PR agencies, and with a huge range of national and international clients, you’ll be joining one of the most innovative, and genuinely industry leading (and changing!) agencies in the country.

The PR we do here isn’t regular PR. We don’t just get coverage in newspapers (although we do do that), we take search and digital insight to create campaigns that meet multiple objectives, from more traditional brand awareness, to improving organic search performance.

There isn’t anyone like us, we’re unique. So we don’t expect you to have lots of experience in search or digital, but we do expect you to have a massive desire to learn - how to do PR the new way. Please see below for a little bit more about the role itself, and what we’re looking for from you.

Key responsibilities

You’ll be required to:

  • You’ll work on a set number of key clients and work with your manager to ensure that client KPIs are met consistently, including; driving traffic, links, coverage and increasing brand awareness and positive sentiment.
  • You’ll take responsibility for, and are confident and reliable when, creating and researching stories, writing and selling in press releases, and creating strong media lists.
  • You will continually monitor and search for coverage, and keep detailed coverage records. Your manager can rely on you to keep these up to date - always.
  • You’ll lead on certain client projects and keep your manager up to date with progress – they shouldn’t ever feel the need to chase you.
  • You’ll start to build and contribute to client relationships. This does not mean just attending meetings in a support capacity (although that is part of it!) You’ll have a detailed knowledge of your clients and their businesses and sectors, and are able suggest things that will be genuinely helpful to them.
  • You’ll proactively seek media opportunities for clients outside of any planned work.
  • You have existing journalist relationships and you are keen to grow your contact list.
  • You’ll attend and contribute to regular brainstorms and come up with brilliant and innovative ideas for your clients.

Skills needed:

  • You are a proven coverage driver
  • You are confident on the phone and are comfortable talking to, and selling in stories to journalists
  • You are a strong writer with a creative flair, but importantly, have second to none spelling and grammar skills and attention to detail.
  • You have an in-depth knowledge of tools such as Gorkana & Moz.
  • You have a good understanding of the digital environment and a knowledge of SEO.
  • You have strong time management skills and can accurately estimate time required to complete a task.
  • You can evaluate the quality and consistency of your own work.
  • You never need to be chased.
  • You have experience of working closely in teams (both small(er) client teams and as part of a wider team).
  • You are highly motivated and used to working diligently alone as well as in a team.
  • You value self-improvement and look to learn from every experience you gain.
  • You take the time to read the news, every day and share stories with your team.
  • You identify an ‘area of focus’ and suggest to your line manager how you can take a more active role in gaining skills and experience in this area.
  • You recognise the importance of attention to detail and accuracy, and always strive to deliver work of the highest quality the first time around.
  • In general, you will have some previous experience in agency or in house.


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