We’re really excited to announce our partnership with Spaceback, a US-based company and developers of a unique and innovative tool designed to disrupt the paid media market.

Having already delivered huge results for brands such as Vans, Ugg and Victoria’s Secret, we were keen to explore the opportunities for our own clients by utilising Spaceback’s platform, and we’re pleased to be the first UK agency to do so.

What does the Spaceback platform do?

Casey Saran, founder of Spaceback, recognised how much brands invest in social media and content to tell engaging stories and build customer relationships. Many brands find standard banner ads to be a restrictive format for delivering engaging content that properly conveys brand identity.

Spaceback provides brands with the ability to easily utilise their carefully crafted, engaging social media content across other display channels to reach their audiences in a more authentic way.

Not only are Spaceback’s units more on-brand and cost-effective compared to traditional banners, they also consistently deliver superior engagement rates by providing the target audience with a better user experience.

What are the benefits for brands?

For us, Spaceback is a tool that allows us to provide our clients with a faster, more efficient way to expand the reach of paid media campaigns and, specifically, to extend the reach of our client’s Instagram content, reaching users in a brand new environment and format at scale.

Spaceback combines high quality, engaging content that aligns with customer’s context and the data and insights associated with paid media channels to increase the performance of both channels.

Spaceback has allowed us to combine the granularity of our display targeting with the high quality content from our client’s social platforms. The engaging ad units that Spaceback enabled us to produce, fuelled our campaigns to deliver great results across multiple countries.

We’re happy to be trialling such an innovative product, helping our clients keep ahead of their competitors by repurposing their best and most engaging customers with social content and amplifying this across programmatic ad placements for better scale.

This, combined with the ability to granularly target users and place social functionality within a display unit is a fresh creative approach which stands out and is simple for clients to adopt.

So how does it work in action?

Our client, Stokke, wanted to utilise their Instagram imagery across new formats and in new environments. We recommended using Spaceback across display campaigns to instantly reproduce engaging creative directly from their Instagram feed.

In addition, we were able to target ads with the granularity of a standard display campaign, including the likes, tags and comments available on social platforms.

Here’s an example of how we used Stokke’s Instagram post in the Spaceback platform to turn it into a display ad:

Instagram post…


…to display ad, in minutes:


When compared to a standard 300x250 display banner, Stokke saw significant improvements:


The Spaceback ad resulted in a 200% increase in CTR and a 28% increase in conversions when compared with a standard banner ad. It also saw a significant decrease in CPA and CPC making Spaceback an extremely useful tool for driving traffic to Stokke’s website by utilising carefully crafted social content across the display advertising platform.

We’re excited to see where else we can take this across paid, owned and earned media.

We have seen great results from Spaceback already and we’re looking forward to seeing how our client campaigns can be improved further in the future.