About Oxford Home Schooling:

Oxford Home Schooling is one of the UK’s leading home education providers, helping individuals gain GCSEs, IGCSEs and A Levels for the last 20 years.

Campaign objectives

Increase the number of high authority links to the Oxford Home Schooling domain

Homework is a necessary part of education, as it helps children to continue learning outside of the classroom.

However, without the presence of a teacher, it’s up to parents to provide support if a child is struggling with an answer. With this in mind, we conducted some research to see how many adults are comfortable with this responsibility.

Working with a Year Three primary school teacher, we created a homework test for parents using questions typically asked of seven-year-olds.

Three of these questions were included in a survey which was sent to 1,000 parents across the country. We also explored their attitudes towards the difficulty of homework and how they feel when they are asked for support.

The results showed that two-thirds of parents don’t feel confident when asked to help with homework and that a third feel embarrassed when they get a question wrong.

This means that there will have been a lot of red faces amongst our surveyed parents as only 6% got all three of the Year Three homework questions correct!

The press release included more of the survey results and to encourage journalists to link back to the Oxford Home Schooling site, we also created an online quiz where people could test themselves on the homework questions.


The campaign was incredibly successful and generated 74 pieces of coverage, including 51 links to the Oxford Home Schooling domain. The story was covered by nine different national publications, such as The Independent, Metro, and The Irish Sun.

The on-site quiz was completed by over 5000 people.

Excitingly, the statistics and questions were even discussed at length on The One Show on BBC One. In a five minute segment, the presenters highlighted the main results before a reporter used our questions to test members of the public.

Screen shot of the The One Show, showing the presenter asking questions from the Oxford Home Schooling Homework Test

The campaign definitely achieved its objective and the links we generated meant Oxford Home Schooling saw a huge spike in website traffic. Since the campaign went live, over 5,200 people visited the client’s website as a direct result of clicking through from the new links.

Image of a graph from Google Analytics showing the amount of users increasing on the date the quiz went live on Thursday 21st February 2019

The campaign also won a Silver Award at the CIPR PRide Awards 2019 for “Best Use of Content”.

CIPR PRide Awards 2019 Silver Winner Banner


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