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About us

From our beginnings as an ambitious start-up in 2005, to our now global teams spanning multiple offices.

Epiphany has led and shaped an industry through our technical expertise, creative strategies and award-winning digital content.

Our technical and creative expertise has driven our growth over the past decade and it continues to power our future. We work hard to define and drive business changing results for our clients, delivering unrivaled insights and award-winning digital experiences.

Our culture

It’s not just what we do, but the way that we do it.

Modern search campaigns are complex beasts. In a world where brands are key you need the mix of the right skills to stand out. Our collaborative teams work across their disciplines and channels to combine the latest insights and audience data to help our clients solve complex brand problems.

We know that audiences donʼt think in channels so our teams work together to deliver compelling campaigns which drive business changing performance through creative campaigns and engaging brand experiences.

We're a company that prizes entrepreneurialism and embraces constant change. Over the years, six perspectives have come to define the way we work:

  • Obsess over detail
    A passion to get things 100%
  • Turn heads
    Winning brands get seen
  • At the forefront
    Keep up!
  • As a team
    Listen, support, refine and deliver as a team
  • Own it
    If not you, then who?
  • Embrace the unknown
    A hunger to understand the problems

Our family

A global network of customer insights and creativity.

In 2014 Epiphany joined Jaywing, a consulting business of 650 people located across the UK and the globe.

Specialising in data science, Jaywing provides business consulting on risk, branding and creative for blue-chip clients via a collaborative and flexible business model.

Across Jaywing, 10% of staff are experienced data scientists; meaning the strategies we create for our clients are built upon the very best data analysis and insights.

Epiphany works closely with Jaywing Intelligence to unearth the potential AI and machine learning has to revolutionise the way we approach marketing for our clients.

Our scale and diversity of expertise allows Epiphany to deliver insights and skills unmatched by other agencies.


Google CSS Partner

Google CSS Partner

Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner

Umbraco Certified Partner

Umbraco Certified Partner

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Microsoft Advertising Partner

+ another 170ish strategists, planners, creatives, motion designers, editors, copywriters & developers…


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