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Rose Mountague

Head of Design

Having spent some time recently working on a large e-commerce site, I have found it particularly hard to find some decent up to date, real-time commercial examples.

With that in mind, I thought I would share an insight into some of the best e-commerce sites out there for your inspiration!

Fashion brands do e-commerce best. Incorporating great design, interactivity and functionality with strong brand messaging. They do more than just sell products, they sell an experience - their websites act as far more than just a shop window.

Some of the more interesting examples of e-commerce design I came across include:

Diesel           Puma            Barbour           Coloud

However, it is not always practical to have an all-singing, all-dancing site. For example, if your are a big provider of a large number of products for many different types of customer, with both offline and online services, having the design of your site focus solely on visual appeal probably won't result in the most user friendly design.

While e-commerce design for large brands looks relatively simple on the face of it, the actual amount of time and thought behind the placement of every element on each page and every step of the user journey - right through from Google's search box to the end of a transaction - is a minefield of endless 'what if' scenario based queries.

Simplicity is absolutely key when thinking about transactional websites, especially when dealing with large portfolios of products. The king of e-commerce, Amazon.co.uk demonstrates this the best and illustrate the design constraints associated to a large complex e-commerce site.

Although it should be simple and your products should in effect 'do all the talking', there is no reason why your brand values, messaging and brand proposition can't be just as strong. When it comes to sites with a huge catalogue of products, functionality and user journey should always be key. However, design can still play a part in enhancing a user experience, no matter how large your site is.

Some of the best examples are below:

Amazon                  ASOS                     TopShop


What are your favourite best/worst examples of e-commerce website design?