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Upgrade to Product Feed Specification

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Aimee Roberts

Senior PPC Analyst

The setup of an advertiser's Google Shopping product feed has become even more important since Google Shopping has been changing over to Product Listing Ads altogether.

Google have announced some changes to the feed specification and advertisers need to know about this.

Follow this link to gain all of the details on what is changing and how. Some of the main changes are the quality of images will need to improve with at least 800 pixels in height and width.

The description and colour attributes also have new requirements, as well as multi-pack products and unique product identifiers. There are other changes to attributes and it is really important for advertisers relying on revenue from Product Listing Ads to pay attention to this update from Google.

Google is trying to provide a lot of help on how to go about these changes, and further information for the UK can be found here. There is a deadline for when these changes need to be completed.

In the UK the cut off for these changes will be July 15th, and if the requirements are not met then products may no longer show for Google Shopping. There is an exception for accounts that don’t require unique product identifiers. The date for these is 16th September.