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Bing's New Enhanced Search Query Report

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Carly Hunt

PPC Analyst

When managing a PPC campaign, it is imperative to be visible for all the necessary keywords in order to maximise sales, but also to ensure you are not showing for obscure terms that will be costing money and ultimately increasing your CPA.

Both Bing and Google have a great tool that enables us to monitor the search terms which ads show for, this is known as a Search Query report.

It can be used to identify keywords which convert well to be included in the account. This enables bid management to maximise the return on investment. We are also able to control the keywords that trigger clicks by identifying any terms which do not covert well and adding them into the account as negatives.

In order to provide a more detailed insight into a Search Query report, Bing recently launched their Enhanced Search Query report. They have utilised feedback from a recent industry study which identified that mobile devices were used more like dictionaries or tour guides to seek instant advice.

This is demonstrated by an increasing number of search terms with stop words such as “how” or “where” being used within searches. Bing has already begun to include stop words and additional characters in the Search Query Column of the Search Query report to give a more detailed insight into what the searcher is looking for.

Prior to the upgrade, a range of search terms would be summarised under one term. As a result of this enhancement these will now be separated out and treated as individual search terms.

This improvement will enable managers a more granular insight into user intent and will contribute to further account optimisation.