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Wi-Fi in the park

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Rachael Casper

Web Developer

Microsoft has launched a new multi-million pound advertising campaign to promote its Office 365 cloud software, which allows users to access Microsoft Office tools anywhere using a range of devices - including mobiles.

To promote the service, Microsoft is concentrating on the main commuter hubs throughout the country. For example, underground commuters in Glasgow will be able to connect to free Wi-Fi in all of the underground stations.

There will also be some more unusual promotions like Wi-Fi enabled park benches, lawn art, train time-table media and a fleet of Office 365 Taxis with free Wi-Fi for passengers to visit the ‘Microsoft for business’ content hub.

They will also be sponsoring a number of other Wi-Fi areas and talkSPORT’s British and Irish Lions commentary. Office 365 is Microsoft’s flagship productivity software and they hope that the campaign will show businesses and commuters its benefits, features and the ability to work from anywhere.

Personally I like to use my commuting time to catch up on my reading, but this sounds ideal for all you workaholics out there.

The campaign launches across the UK on the 25th of March.