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Smart Watches - the next big thing?

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Dan Elson

Account Executive

By now you will have most likely heard about the next big thing in tech - the “Smart Watch”. 'Wait just a minute, a Smart Watch did you say, whats one of those?' Well, if you haven’t heard about them already, then where have you been?

A number of technology companies are currently in the midst of developing a device called a Smart Watch, which is basically a super small computer tucked into a wrist watch.

The very latest reports link search giant Google with the gadget, so it would appear that Samsung, Apple and now even Google apparently think we all need more tech both in our lives and on us!

With Google joining the race, what do they have up their sleeves for us I wonder? Will it be a new way of advertising or are they trying to get into new markets?

At this point, the Smart Watch is mostly speculation. Although, just last week, the mobile vice president of Samsung, Lee Young Hee, confirmed that the company are in the market, stating “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long...We are working very hard to get ready for it”.

Personally, I think it’s an interesting thought, a computer instead of a timepiece wrist watch. Thought I wonder what it could do that your current smartphone won’t – is it really necessary?

I suppose these questions were also muttered when rumours were floating about regarding Apple taking on the mobile giants such as Nokia and Motorola, just look at them now.

As a tech lover, I’m certainly intrigued about these - but aren’t watches more to do with style than technology? At the same time, haven’t we already got this technology at hand?

From a digital markers point of view, I’m really interested to see if anything really innovative is planned for these as this could go on to form a new method of communication for marketers.

Just think, you are walking by a shop and your watch starts to beep or flash showing you the latest offers.

With the device on your wrist, as oppose to buried in a pocket or bag, would this reach more potential customers? It could be possible for your watch to beep once you’re near a bar or restaurant that a friend has recommended on social media and for you to use voice recognition technology to ask your watch for directions.

Perhaps an interactive advert with a call to action would start to run as soon as you walk past a billboard or poster. What other ways can marketers use a mini computer strapped to your wrist? The possibilities are endless...

All this is very interesting, although it begs the ultimate question: Do we really need MORE of the same technology?

Isn’t a watch a fashion statement or functional time piece rather than an all in one technology beast? A mobile phone can be hidden away at inappropriate times but how can this be possible with a watch?

Are we just getting way too lazy that we want our message and notifications to flash up on another device before we reach into our pocket and pull out our phone?

I for one would rather stick with a classic watch but will you be waiting in a queue to get your hands on one? Share your thoughts below!