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Google shopping arrives on smartphones

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Hayley Hudson

PPC Analyst

Google shopping is becoming increasingly important in paid advertising due to the gradually shift of all shopping results moving to a paid search model.

Emphasising this, Google have also recently released Google Shopping on smartphones globally.

Paid search marketers were already able to bid on product searches which appeared in Google Shopping using Product Listing Ads, however this was only available on desktops and tablets. 

Once all campaigns move over to the latest Enhanced Campaigns, we will also be able to show Product Listing Ads across smartphones.

Our previous blog post describes the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, which aim to help advertisers reach customers in a multi-screen world. This is important as retailers need to deliver the right products to their customers across devices at anytime, anywhere.

Once Product Listing Ads have been enabled within the Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers will be able to display their products when a user searches for shopping related terms on a smartphone. 

These products will now appear in a single unit above the organic results (labelled as sponsored results), displaying rich product images, prices, retailers and more. When a user searches for a product, they are presented with various options.

They can click on the product to learn more and to buy it, or to continue browsing they can click on ‘Shop on Google’.  If a user decides to continue browsing, they can look at a wider variety of options from different retailers. 

When a user is browsing they can compare images, prices, reviews, delivery options and also filter the results by different options e.g. by price. This new feature highlights the importance of having a ‘mobile-friendly’ site - if a user has been browsing on their mobile and clicks on one of your products from the listing ads, you need to ensure that their journey to the checkout is as easy as possible.

If your Product Listing Ad campaign has already been updated to Enhanced, your products will automatically begin to show on smartphones, providing another great opportunity to capture sales anytime, anywhere - as long as you make the most of it!

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