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Kiss The Day!

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Teresa Korun

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Struggling for creative ideas? There’s no excuse for missing out on obvious opportunities, yet they can often be elusive, preventing you from making the most of them when they come along.

Who do you think cares about Valentine’s Day? Are Valentine’s Day ideas worn out? Or are they just targeted at lovey-dovey couples?

Maybe the concept is old, but old doesn't have to equal bad. Why not use it to your own advantage and create some great content for your brand? Almost every business can find a smart angle on a special day or event to reach their target audience.

In the case of Valentine’s Day, even an anti-Valentine's theme can be appropriate – turn it around to make it work for you by focusing on the complete opposite. Be the anti! Be new! Or, focus on tradition and create a unique, on-brand way to celebrate the occasion.

Focus on the old values, traditions and sentiments

Promote your brand with a giveaway or a competition, with prizes like a romantic dinner, a weekend trip, flowers, chocolates, or even something relevant to your business.

These straightforward approaches are safe bets for some companies, but for others they can be too obvious - so what about a new twist?

New approaches

Valentine’s Day for the famous shoe brand Converse meant finding a way to relate their shoes with the romantic themes of the day. So what did they do? They asked people to design their own shoes, and called the project “Hookups. Makeups. Breakups. Every relationship has a story. Tell it on canvas.”

Designing your own shoes might not be an entirely new thing for Converse, but the way they packaged the campaign made it fresh and relevant to Valentine’s Day, and it was an idea that worked well with their brand values.

"No, there really is no relation!"

You really think that there is no possible connection between Valentine's Day and your brand? As an insurance company, for instance? You'll need to be a little more creative and think outside the box to find a good angle - for example, think about how it could be an expression of love to get a person insured, and to care about a person’s health and safety. There is always a way.

This approach doesn't just apply to Valentine's Day, either; any occasion or national event throughout the year can be worked on in the same way, regardless of how commercial it is.

Caring is sharing

Take the Earth Hour on the 23rd March for example: you could turn it into an event that shows customers how your company cares care for the environment and for other people, simultaneously creating awareness and gaining exposure for your brand.

As the economy and environment changes, more consumers are attaching great importance to genuine, trustworthy and caring businesses.

Why not make the most of these national and even global events to inspire your next creative campaign?