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Google Analytics to include Change History

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James Holding

PPC Manager

Google Analytics recently announced a 'Change History' addition.

This will come as a very welcome feature for anyone trying to figure out why results suddenly spiked on a specific day within the last six months, which then turns out to be the day somebody changed the goals without leaving a notification.

The Change History will give a date, user (by email address) and activity performed. It is not clear yet how in-depth the activity will be.

The initial examples given include filter creation, profile creation and deletion, but do not mention changes to individual goals.

180 Days

To begin with, the history will only keep a record of activities for the past 180 days. Ideally, adding notifications when changes are made will help users who are analysing the data.

This should still be best practice, in case the analysis spans a period longer than six months, where the new change history feature will not keep a record. The Change

History data will only be available to a user who have administrative access and is found within the admin section within Google analytics.

Where to Find Change History

Once the change history becomes available, it will be located within at the account level of the analytics Admin section. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ section (which defaults to the account property level), then go up a level to Account (located in the breadcrumb trail just under the top navigation bar):

Change history should be coming to your analytics accounts in the near future -  so keep your eyes peeled!