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Google TrueView Ads

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Rachel Harvey


Viral video is fast becoming ‘part of our global culture of communication’ says Hamish Nicklin, Youtube’s head of creative agency partnerships.

The Google-owned video sharing site certainly doesn’t seem set to slow down on its path to domination of the web, with recent predictions from Youtube and DG Mediamind suggesting that approximately 90 per cent of internet traffic will be video by 2015.

The popularity of such a platform provides a fantastic opportunity for brands to reach millions of viewers, but with all that traffic how can they make sure they’re reaching the right people?

That’s where Google TrueView comes in.

In an exciting cross between tv and search advertising, TrueView ads allow viewers to skip adverts that they don’t want to see, so they only watch ones they are interested in. The greatest benefit of this is that companies only pay when viewers watch their ads, not if they skip them, meaning that they are only paying for fully engaged viewers.

For some smaller brands, Youtube may seem too daunting an arena to enter. The cost and effort involved in creating a video can be great and there is no guarantee that a video will be watched past the first few seconds.

With an increasingly savvy audience (with a decreasing attention span) this is certainly no mean feat. Google offers advice here on how to get viewers to ‘watch not skip’. While the guide is generally quite informative, it repeats the rather redundant point that brands should ‘make good ads that people want to watch’. So far, so unhelpful.

Taking a look at 2012’s most popular TrueView ads below; as you can see that they are original, creative and entertaining but are all very different from each other.

  1. Honda Civic’s ‘Spark’ ad
  2. Peugeot’s Nonstop to Rudimental ft. John Newman- Feel the Love
  3. Durex Vinyl- Let’s Get it on

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a formula to success in Youtube advertising, but a well-researched and highly original concept is essential and something with an interactive element which people can share is especially good.

So, if the muse strikes you with a great idea then TrueView advertising could be worth investigating. You may just be the next keyboard-playing cat.