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Best of Quora - free book

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Ian Whitehead

IT Manager

How do you get people talking about your online social question and answer site?  Surprisingly, the answer is to release a free book.

Quora have done just that, the free book is over four hundred pages long and covers more than a hundred of the best responses on the site.

'Best of Quora 2010-2012' can be downloaded in pdf format here.

Quora was created by two former Facebook employees. Responses on the site are moderated by the user community, so the questions and answers tend to be a little more interesting than on most other question and answer sites and are often answered by people with real life experience.

My top Five

5. How do I convince my girlfriend (possibly future wife) that a diamond engagement ring is a waste of money?

4. Why is U2 so popular?

3. Given our current technology and with the proper training, would it be possible for someone to become Batman?

2. Would a lone adult wolf be able to take down an athletic adult human?

And gloriously…

1. How valid is the implied legal advice in Jay-Z's “99 Problems”?  

Saying all this, a quick Google for “Best of Yahoo Answers” is probably much more fun - but not really that safe for work.