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Best Design sites for inspiration

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Rose Mountague

Head of Design

Inspiration is everywhere. Every day we are inspired. Whether it’s a great idea for something at work, or simply deciding what to eat for dinner that day, something sparks inside you to make a choice to create something new.

As designers, we are constantly creating new things and turning great ideas into reality, working across very different industries and genres on a daily basis.

Our jobs would be far more difficult without the aid of inspiration. It can come in many forms, whether it is from colleagues, books, taking a walk at lunch, or the vast source of creativity known as the World Wide Web (what did designers do before the internet?!).

The web is a great source of inspiration for us designers. From design blogs to the endless list of well-designed websites out there, we are surrounded by so much it can sometimes be a little  overwhelming.

So, to help our fellow designers out there, I have compiled a list of the Epiphany studio’s top inspirational sources for digital design.

1. Awwwards.com This is a daily bookmark for us all. Awwwards is a site that awards and recognizes the talent and efforts of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. Epiphany have featured twice on this site, for pieces created with clients Evo Energy and Evans Halshaw.

2. Pinterest I'm a regular pinner, and when I see something cool online I organise it into one of my pinboards to refer to later. Quite often, when I'm working on a large project, I'll create my own board for that project and pin inspiration to it. Even if you aren't a pinner, you can still use Pinterest to search other users' inspirational “pins”. This can often lead to some unique discoveries and ideas which you might never have found via design blogs or Google searching.

3. Abduzeedo Abduzeedo is a great blog featuring tutorials, inspiration and interesting articles. It covers all aspects of design, from the web to packaging as well as photography, illustration and more. I regularly subscribe to the 'daily inspiration' feed, which pulls in design inspiration from all areas. I usually start my day with the daily inspiration email and a coffee.

4. The Best Designs Similar to Awwwards, The Best Designs recognises the best web design from around the world. With a huge archive of well-designed user-nominated websites, this site is great for web design inspiration.

5. Behance Launched in 2006, Behance is a platform for artists and designers to showcase their work and for creative talent to be discovered. It's a great source of motivation, with a search function that can narrow down your requirements and spit out the greatest undiscovered projects to inspire.

6. From Up North Another one of my favourite daily emails to my inbox, From Up North is another source of inspiration that covers everything design-related, from motion graphics to typography and graphic design.

7. FWA FWA stands for Favourite Website Awards, an industry-recognised internet award program and inspiration portal, and the number one web award in the world. Packed with inspiration from all stretches of the globe, this is a great source for seeing the best sites in the industry. They’re just some of our top choices - what are your favourite sources of design inspiration?