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Warp Speed Websites

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Dan Elson

Account Executive

Did you know that it is estimated that a one-second delay in load time for one of the biggest retailer websites in the world would cost $1.6 billion in sales each year? The name of that retailor: Amazon.

Google have calculated that if its search engine was to be just four tenths of a second slower, eight million searches per day would be lost. That would amount to millions fewer online adverts from one of the biggest names in technology.

The internet has grown so much in recent times that it isn’t just considered to be a minor annoyance or inconvenience if a websites takes time to load anymore, it’s actually a major ‘problem child’ when it comes to traffic and conversion rates.

A recent study by OnlineGraduatePrograms.com in USA revealed some very surprising results that show just how impatient Americans are on the web. One of the most shocking finds was that if a website took longer than four seconds to load, one in every four people would click away from the website.

So, an amazing five seconds later and your potential customer has just purchased from your competitor! This research didn’t just include web surfers either. Four in ten Americans give up accessing a mobile shopping website that won’t load in just three seconds. So, make sure your mobile experience is just that, mobile.

By that, I mean easy to use on a mobile device, easily and rapidly accessible to your potential customers.

Mashable recently published an article relating to a visually appealing infographic that looks at the very real cost of speed poor website, created by SmartBear, check it out here.

So, it appears that speed is just as important as all those other aspects of your website. Especially if you are worried about visitor levels and how many of these visitors actually convert into buyers.

Are you meeting the very real demands of the 21st century consumer in the world of the internet?