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Love it or hate it, your face in lights?

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Rachael Casper

Web Developer

To promote its new Gold spread, Marmite is sponsoring the Oxford Street Christmas Lights this year and staging a love it or hate it interactive display. A range of characters including Santa and Elves will be in lights - either loving or hating Marmite.

If you would like to show your festive spirit or just your love/hate of the spread you can go to their Facebook page to upload a photo of yourself expressing your feelings. After liking (or hating) the app, you can either upload a photo or take one via your webcam showing your best loving or hating face.

You will be given a time when your image will be displayed on screen forming part of the Christmas lights.

The event is also being streamed on their Facebook app if you can’t make it to London in person. The app also contains galleries of all the lovers and haters.

For those of you in London this festive period, a bus stop near Bond Street has also been turned into a photo booth where people can have their picture taken and choose if it will be displayed on the Christmas lights screen above Selfridges.

Personally I am firmly in the hater’s camp, however I do like this campaign. Not sure how I’d feel about my face floating above Oxford Street but if you feel that passionately about yeast based spreads or just want to see you face in lights - head on over to their Facebook page.