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If you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion…

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Ian Whitehead

IT Manager

Quantum Link was a dialup service for the Commodore 64, created in 1985, with a host of features we would all recognise today. Electronic mail, online chat, instant messaging, file sharing and online clubs which would eventually evolve into the UseNet service. Stocks, weather, quizzes, online help forums, online shopping (yes, even an auction site), airline flights reservation and car rental. Quantum Link surprisingly featured online multiplayer games such as chess poker and bingo. You could also download games so we also have an app store. The most advanced game available was Habitat by LucasFilm: the engine used gave birth to many point and click adventure games and became the forerunner to modern MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), in that Habitat players could control their own online characters and even interact with other players. In 1991 they changed their name to America Online. Let’s not talk about that though, free disc anyone? What struck me was the Quantum Link interface:

Windows 8 Metro interface:

So maybe if you do wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion? I’m off to build a Henge.