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Jubilee themed PR campaigns

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Amy Byard

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PR campaigns pegged on an event can go one of two ways. They can either come across as lazy and unoriginal, or can be cleverly executed; making the most of a topic that will receive bucket loads of traction over a set period of time. These are my favourite examples of companies who really nailed it over the jubilee weekend. 1.   Ma’amite Marmite released a clever video leading up to the Jubilee weekend to promoted their limited edition commemorative jubilee jar which quickly went viral. The video plays on the brand’s famous ‘love it or hate it’ slogan. 2.        M&Ms M&M released a commemorative jubilee inspired pack of M&Ms with special red white and blue packs of the sweets. Playing on British patriotism, the video ad shows the M&M yellow and red brand characters preparing for a street party. Yellow M&M is trying on a range of British outfits in a bid to make it into the special edition packet. The ad closes with the strapline, "Red, white and blues only, sorry yellow". 3.       Transport for London In preparation for the surge of tourists over the Jubilee weekend, TFL released a jubilee themed Oyster Card featuring an image of the Queen. It follows the previous success of the Royal Wedding themed Oyster cards which proved popular with tourists to the city.  4.       Sainsbury’s Jubilee Family Festival Sainbury’s organised its own Jubilee Family Festival in Hyde Park, featuring performances from BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing, and working with brands including Andrex and Persil to develop exclusive products emblazoned with the Union Flag. The retailer also made the most of its social media channels to maximise publicity, by asking party-goers through its Facebook page which event they were looking forward to the most.    5.       Waitrose As official caterers to the celebrations, Waitrose worked with Heston Blumenthal and Mark Flanagen to release one recipe from the exclusive menu to consumers. Waitrose sourced picnic related goods for its ‘Best of British’ street party competition, which the public could enter via Facebook to win. What do you think to event themed campaigns? Let me know which ones are your favourite - or if you've got an example of how it can go disastrously wrong too!