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Taking Your Link Building Campaign to the Next Level

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Scott Malthouse

Senior Online PR Executive

The game has changed. Panda is perpetually changing the search landscape and only through adaptation will we be able to work effectively in this brave new world. There has never been an era where practitioners of the SEO profession have had to be so intuitive and smart about their jobs. This, my friends, is the next level of link building.

Old practises are no longer on the cards and most of us in the industry wouldn’t touch them with a 10ft barge pole with a 50ft barge pole stuck on the end of it. After all, what’s the point in going against the grain when you can be at the forefront of link building innovation? In this article I’m going to run through a few thoughts for you brave pioneers who want to get the best organic links in this tumultuous landscape.

Building Links is an Opportunity for Creativity

The first thing you need to do is cast off any notion that building links is arduous and oftentimes unforgiving. We’re living in a digital age that encourages creativity and innovation over mundaneness. You’re no longer plugging text links wherever you can and article spinning is a thing of the past. Instead, you’re making high quality, original content that will be linked to because it’s actually worth something. I repeat – we’re all pioneers now and it’s our time to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t. Think of the internet as our laboratory and we’re the scientists, testing and reviewing our methods and putting our results up for peer review on blogs like this.

Use a Variety of Tools

There’s no doubt that we need tools to do out work. The thing is, we often become too reliant on one or two and don’t bother going out and exploring what other options are out there. The obvious downside to this is that most tools can be fairly expensive, but they will usually have a trial so at least you can test it out. Another tip is to try and learn more about the tool that you’re using. By that I mean, you may only use one part of the tool but it could have hidden potential that you’re not currently harnessing. Learn the tool inside out and you may be surprised with what you find.

Be an All-Rounder

It may have been fine back in the day to just plod on throughout the day with standard link building, but nowadays you have to be multifaceted in your approach. On top of being a scientist, you should be a journalist, public relations agent and all round web expert. You should be writing guest posts, press releases and finding out where you can get the best links from for a particular client. Keep your eye on the news to find new opportunities and follow niche media pertaining to your clients to see what is relevant and what you can take advantage of. Read lots of press releases and articles to find out how best to write them. Get a list of blogs and sites on all aspects of SEO and web design, even if it doesn’t come into your day-to-day work – you never know when that kind of knowledge might be needed. Not only that, but having a broad knowledge could allow you to hit on ideas that nobody has ever thought of.

Learn How to Best Utilise Social

You have loads of toys to play with when it comes to social media, but that doesn’t mean you should be relying too heavily on it. You need to learn how best to use social to get the links that you want. This can be down to trial and error, but you need to also use your common sense. Interacting with bloggers on Twitter can be a great way to gain a rapport, but if you’re going crazy and asking for links from ten bloggers at the same time then it not only looks spammy, it also looks insincere. However, taking your time to build up a real relationship that will be valuable in the future for both parties will see that your link building campaign gets the results you want. Similarly, rapid and repeated tweeting of links to your newest infographics may get you exposure to more followers, but it’s annoying and people will pick up on it. As I say, it’s common sense, but I see this time and again. Just learn when it’s appropriate to use social media and you will save yourself a world of hassle. I hope this has been informative and has inspired you to think of link building as an opportunity rather than a necessity. Let me know how your campaign strategy is standing out in the post-Panda world. I’d love to hear about it. - @scottmalt

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Scott Malthouse Senior Online PR Executive

Scott has worked at Epiphany for a couple of years now. Since working in our Off-page SEO team, he has now specialised in Online PR and makes sure that our projects and campaigns achieve the best coverage and exposure to provide the optimum SEO benefit for our clients.