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Simple Ways to Rank High on YouTube

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Charlotte Paige-Smith

Off page SEO

Question: How can I optimise my videos on YouTube to make them more visible? Answer: By using the same techniques as you would for traditional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

According to research, out of the many universal search categories that exist, video appears as the most visible category to appear in Google searches, in comparison to blogs, maps, news, images, shopping and books. Unsurprisingly Youtube was discovered to be the most prominent of all video sites out there.  As an extremely successful video platform amongst the world of search, YouTube is a worldwide phenomenon, with great potential to become an extremely successful marketing tool. So how exactly can we optimize videos on YouTube?

  • As with traditional SEO, it is essential to pay close attention to titles and descriptions of the videos.
  • Titles  should include the most suitable keywords to the subject and title of the video.
  • The video’s description is crucial. Use the main keywords spread throughout the description and bring in other related words.
  • It is essential to allocate up to at least ten tags ensuring that you reflect the most appropriate keywords.
  • Another tip is to maintain a good link profile by ensuring there are decent external links.  According to experts, links from social media are also noted.
  • Be sure to keep users continuously watching to ensure that the click-through-rates (CTR) are high. To ensure this, your video should have the potential to engage and attract viewers. The more the video is viewed, the more it will be displayed; quality content is key.
  • A useful tool is the YouTube keyword tool which provides the opportunity to examine search volumes for individual keywords.
  • Something that cannot be missed is the preview image (thumbnail) for your video, which needs to be distinctively eye-catching as it obviously increases the click-through-rates by a large amount.
  • A good preview image (thumbnail) increases click-through-rates enormously.

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