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Panda Watch Update - Google Panda Deployed To The UK

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Malcolm Slade

Head of Technical SEO

Panda Watch! The mood is tense; I have been on some serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this... For a few days now we have been seeing ranking fluctuations beyond the everyday EveryFlux effect across certain sectors and data centres. This has now been officially validated as Google Panda hitting the UK. In a post yesterday, Google’s Webmaster Central channel posted - http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/04/high-quality-sites-algorithm-goes.html letting us know that the English language roll out of Panda is now complete along with some “new user feedback signals.”

We (like hopefully everyone else) have had a look at the direct impact of Panda on all our clients and I am happy to say.... there hasn’t really been any! I have however noticed a few non-clients get a bit of a kicking. But if you read my earlier Panda post - http://www.epiphanysearch.co.uk/blog/panda-farming-for-beginners-demystifying-the-google-panda-farmer-update/ you would probably be expecting that anyway. One thing worth noting is that Panda doesn’t seem to have been a “flick the switch” kind of role out as many people seem to think. I’m pretty certain that it may even have started as far back as Friday 8th April. For now, it is business as usual. Keep creating good creative content. Link build way outside of that box and embrace the Panda. Regards Malc @seomalc

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Malcolm Slade Head of Technical SEO

Malcolm has been working in search since 2005, when he joined Epiphany as the first employee.  Malcolm likes to think of himself as an “approachable nerd”, able to talk equally well to normal people and technical nerds like him.