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jQuery goes mobile

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Dave Sellers

Front End Web Developer

With the advent of smart-phones running on fast mobile networks it is no surprise that the percentage of mobile internet usage is increasing rapidly. So rapidly in fact that Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley has predicted that it will overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. This is not surprising when you see that according to a survey taken out by mobile media company BuzzCity, 70% of mobile internet usage actually takes place in the home, proving that people would rather get a quick fix of a potentially scaled down internet rather than spend the time booting up the desktop.

With this increase, the mobile internet usage market it is becoming too large to ignore. Luckily to coincide with this market increase, there comes a mobile version of the popular JavaScript framework - jQuery. Currently at an Alpha release stage, jQuery mobile is set to bring round a big change in the way we develop websites for mobile devices. Using solely HTML to drive the functionality, slick and intuitive user interfaces can be achieved without having any knowledge of JavaScript. So by adding a few proprietary attributes to a HTML tag, you can achieve things such as nicely styled lists with pop up nested lists, and also easily layout content into grids or columns, all scaled perfectly for mobile screen sizes. This doesn’t spell disaster for people using older mobile phones to access the internet either, as it will degrade gracefully where possible by either removing advanced features like gradients and drop shadows, down to completely degrading back to basic HTML and CSS. You can currently have a play with the features of jQuery Mobile, either on your mobile phone/iPod or on your desktop computer by visited the demo page at - http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.0a1/